Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural Post

(Our first post...a test of this blogging thang, as Mark would say.)
It was nothing compared to the celebration of yesterday, but today we commemorated two weeks of living in New Zealand with a walk down by the river through Kowhai Park after supper -- tea they call it -- of pasta salad with NZ feta, veggies, and chicken sausage made on the George Foreman, my inaugural experience with this fine? invention. The boys threw the already well-worn Nerf football (new at the start of this adventure), which often prompts people to talk to us about the US and we stopped for icecreams (always with an s here), including the classic Kiwi flavor, Hokey Pokey, studded with caramel bits. Then we walked home and up our hill past the neighboring sheep (those white blobs above boyz' heads) and cows grazing on a slope so steep you'd think they'd fall off. As seems to be the case every night, there was a stunning sunset to watch from our living room over the river and ocean in the distance. Up early tomorrow morning for the boyz and me to take a group nature excursion to see a local threatened blue duck population.

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traftons said...

looks and sounds like NZ is grand!!