Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And what do you do after such an amazing day?

Well, the day after the hike the boyz went white river rafting while Margo and I meandered around the town of Tokaanu near Lake Taupo, where we soaked ourselves and our sore legs in natural hot spring pools and had a serendipitous morning tea in a vineyard. The division of activity worked for everyone.
Alex's favorite part was jumping off this waterfall...although the soak in the private hot spring at the end of the excursion was also was the excitment of riding the rapids.

And now for the non-adventure side of things:
Before the hot pools, while searching for a cup of coffee, Margo and I stumbled into a small, picture-perfect, family-run vineyard where Jenny, sister of the owner, kindly offered us tea and warm slices of her mother's wartime fruit cake. The vineyard produces Pinot Noir, Reisling, and Chardonnay grapes, she explained, but her brother has outsourced winemaking to someone over the last couple of years so that he can care for his wife who has Alzheimer's. Jenny was there visiting from Herefordshire to help with her sister-in-law and relieve her brother a little and, by her own admission, was pleased to have the distraction of visitors. In addition to the cake recipe, she also shared a promising sounding recipe for celery and blue Stilton soup. (As opposed to white Stilton, she said. Who knew there was such a thing?)

After the boys white water adventure and our hot water adventures (teacups to soaking pools), we joined forces again to stroll through the Tokaanu Thermal Walk where I finally managed to capture the oozing glory of bursting hot mud bubbles on film.

If it had only been chocolate....

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Becky said...

Dreaming of an adventure in New Zealand. There's a reason all the fantasy books are turned into movies there!